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Booking a special flight for aerial photography, promotions, corporate or group flights, etc . please call +386 41 664545 or email on info@bcb.si



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Flights over Julian Alps﷯ Foto: Tinkara Trček BOOKING Due to the specifics ( weather wise ) of the flights above Julian Alps it is not possible to make a booking on a specific date. If you would like to make a flight over the Julian Alps you have to call or write us with your intentions. The same applies to those who have received a Gift Voucher. We will put you on a list of passengers and will inform you 2 to 3 day before the possible flight according to the forecasts we get daily.. Flights over the Julian Alps are generally conducted in winter months starting at the begining of November and ending in March. Due to the weather forecasts we can not plan a flight more than 2 to 3 days in advance and still it can happen that we cancel the flight on short notice due to the change of the weather. We need exactly the right wind direction and wind speed at cca 10.000 ft if we want to conduct a safe crossing of the Alps. Please call us on +386 1 5129220, +386 41664545 or write us on info@bcb.si. If you buy a Gift Voucher the validity is not limited. ﷯ Photo: Matjaž Krivic MEETING POINT ( we can also agree some other metting points) At the agreed time we meet at the »Žibert Inn » in Ljubljana from where we will take you towards our launch site. Our launch sites are in the »Planica« Valley where teh famous ski jumps are or in Kranjska gora depending on the wind. After the flight we bring you back to our initial meeting point. FLIGHT When we get to the launch site the ground crew will prepare the balloon for the flight. If you would like you can assist us under the supervision of the ground crew. The balloon will be ready in cca 20 minutes, then you board the basket and off we take off. The duration of the flight is somewhere between 2 ½ hrs to 3 hrs . Our possible landing sites are in around Ljubljana, Postojna or even the Vipava Valley. Our ground crew is following us on the ground all the time and they come to pick us up after landing and packs the balloon. On this flight you really overfly the Alps with magnificent view of the Julian Alps, mt.Triglav, Karavanke Alps, Dolomites and at the last stage of the flight you will be able to see the Gulf of Trieste. You can see the photos in our Photo gallery. It is really an exceptional experience worth the patience. ﷯ Photo: Tinkara Trček AFTER THE FLIGHT When the balloon is packed and back on the trailer we have a traditional Balloon Ceremony with Champagne. According to this tradition you get Honorable titles of Baroness and Barons. On our way back to our initial meeting point we will stop for a coffee or tea and small snack. While you are enjoying it, we will hand write you Certificates that you became Honorable Baroness or Baron. THE END The whole adventure will take about 6 hrs to 8 hrs of your time. ﷯ Photo: Nejc Stucin

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